Ramism – Presentation Topic

Information overload leads to a discourse on methods of logical organization. One being the method of Ramism.

Definition: Imitation and reason, conservative view towards media/delivery of content, staying with the printed form, emphasis on organization and classification based on the idea of topical logic, awareness of spatial layout

-involves placing things things under proper headings. eg the powerpoint slides we’re presenting right now are categorized under different headings.

“What’s important here is that these texts document a shift from strictly mnemonic, internalized practices to methodologies that are reliant upon the external spatialization of thought.” (page 48)

Education on logic:
-Thomas Wilson’s “The Rule of Reason” (1553)
-Thomas Murner’s “Chartilumdium logice” or logical card game. attempts to translate a pictorial logic from the virtual space of memory to the hard, material space of a textbook.
-short-lived because of Ramus’ logical method

Arbitrary mnemonic devices had to be discarded from Ramus’s tables of dichotomies, which he claimed were based on ‘the order found within things themselves,’ and thus were to be considered as ‘the truest possible representations’ of reality (Ong 1958: 194).”

Images: table of dichotomies

Contrast to Ramism: Murner, who did flashcards

  • Murner is more external spatialization and application –> “What makes Murner’s work short-lived is that it met its greatest foa in Peter Ramus, whose logical method could be applied not only to pedagogy, but also to the growing print materiality of books.”
  • Ramus was logic and catagorization. Big on regurgitation of knowledge rather than producing it



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