Hypericonomy: Economy of Hypericons
Using images to shape perception of the viewing the world within a perscribed hypericon and beyond.
Using pattern recognition across different mediums to conjure up an “aha” moment – a moment of invention with generative potential.

The parts of a hypericonomy:

1. Personal – “Primal Scene” – Something in your life which causes you internal conflict or cognitive dissonance

2. History – A historical moment, which may embody notions about class, race, social issues

3. Discipline – A realm of study, a philosophy or guiding educational theme

4. Pop Culture – A current, trendy token, such as a catch phrase from a song or a brand logo, something on the move

These are just what he chose to have us do for one. It’s more about pattern recognition between hypericons (images with multiple interpretations) —

The point is to have each of these topics outlined individually before pursing the unified hypericonomic goal — the active search to weave each parts of the hypericonomy togther after establishing each part of it in segments is crucial to the invention process — it allows more room for creativity and boundless potential.


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