William Blake:
-similar to Magritte’s pipe image, blake’s work can be seen as a hypericon, which is an image that encapsulates an ambivalence of imagetext, an coexistence of opposing attitudes towards the subject

eg. the nurse’s songs example

An Island in the Moon, like many other satirical texts, from Gulliver’s Travels to Animal Farm, works on a variety of levels, at least some of which can be appreciated by children. This concern for couching political and cultural critique in a form suitable for both children and adults is yet one more reason why Blake may have chosen to write children’s books.” (page 55)

Digitization in the Age of Blake

Against Remism. Dislikes the binarism/catagorization of everything b/c it’s dehumanizing and separates form from content. Lacks originality and creativity. Internalizes knowledge and doesn’t apply it.


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